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  Does your business have an Internet plan? Does your business have a Web site? Should your business be using the Internet? Should your business have a Web site? Do you still believe that this technology is a fad that will be going away soon? We believe that the answer to this can best be summed up by a quote from Business Week magazine.

"There's no turning back from the Internet Age. And that doesn't mean E-mail or Web browsers or a Web site. It means transforming your company into a full-fledged E-business. It means throwing out the old business models. Now. Or else you're roadkill." Business Week, e-biz, March 22,1999.

  The sooner your business begins to embrace and leverage this technology the better your businesses odds will be for survival. In our experience we have seen many businesses that have been very successful for ten, twenty, forty or more years. The business has been run using strategies that have proven themselves over time, why should they adopt a new methodology, especially one that they really don't understand. The reason is simple, in the Internet world there are many, many new rules, and those players who are still using yesterday's playbook are in for a rather rude awakening. Imagine going to battle with your time honored and proven swords and shields and facing a new enemy using tanks with cannons, machine guns and laser guided missiles. This is not too far fetched a comparison.

  The future of competition will be between the business models that are being used, NOT the products and services being offered. By the time you think that you're ready to adopt a new business model your competition may already have years of experience on you! Time is of the essence, and those who hesitate WILL be lost!.

  4IBW can help your business develop and implement a plan to help take your business into the Internet Age. We offer consultation and planning services, Internet design, and Web site hosting services.

  Visit our "Why use 4IBW?" page to help you to understand more about web site design and most importantly the planning of a site. You will understand that all Web sites and all designers are not created equally.

  Visit our Web site pricing page to get a better feeling for the costs of different types of services that you may be interested in. The information is presented to give a realistic point of reference and pricing on any project will be determined by the individual project.

  Once you have a plan that you've developed and a well planned site to deploy you will need to put it somewhere. This is where our hosting services come in. Our site hosting page describes our hosting plans in detail, including features and pricing.