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Combining experience in network design and implementation, 4IBW will begin the process by collecting key information and reviewing your current network topology. We'll model your network using your existing plication data (i.e., topology and traffic information), or data that can be generated by our network analysis tools. From the model which includes detailed topology diagrams and real time user data we will generate recommendations for your specific requirements regarding network design, capacity planning or application/implementation decisions. By analyzing your existing network, 4IBW predicts the effects of adding new sites to your existing network infrastructure before you buy any equipment or allocate personnel to implement the change. We can pinpoint bottlenecks in response time wherever they occur in the client, server and network environment. We can also predict the effects of application performance and response time for end users on the network. By working as a team with both customers and software developers, 4IBW is able to achieve distributed applications of the highest quality on a consistent and reliable basis.